Inspiration Board for My Mermaid Bathroom

My new bathroom has posed a major challenge since I moved in. For one, it's teeny tiny. After enjoying a very large (like, bedroom-sized) bathroom in my former place, it was quite an adjustment to go from clawfoot tub to single-stall shower and six feet of vanity space to two feet. The other challenging aspect is its color. It's brown. So my yellow and gray shower curtain that I used in my last place just wasn't working. 

Coral + Red + Brown = Not Working for Me
As a temporary fix, I nabbed a cheap plastic shower curtain from Target. It's plastic and features coral, beige, and red dots that make up a sort of circle pattern. Then I went with the red and coral scheme – putting red rugs down on the floor, a coral hand-towel next to the sink, and a cute little red bowl on the vanity for earrings and such. After painting my entire front room coral, and using red heavily in my bedroom and kitchen... I just haven't been feeling the coral + red + beige + brown theme lately. It feels tired and old rather than fresh and pretty. 

Something Finally Caught My Eye... Mermaids!
But I'm picky with shower curtains and that's what I base my whole bathroom around. After much, much browsing, something finally caught my eye: this light blue, black, and white shower curtain from Sourpuss, featuring vintage tattoo-inspired mermaids. It's adorable. I love the light, not-quite-teal blue. I love the retro feel. I love that I ordered it and it will becoming soon!

Light Blue + Black + Brown + White
The plan is to leave the walls brown. It's an oddly shaped bathroom, too, and painting over the dark brown would be a pain. Besides, I kinda like the color. However, I'm going to break it up a bit. The lower half of the wall is divided into two sections, which are both painted white. I'm going to paint the lower section black, the middle section light blue to match the shower curtain, and the trim white. I'll also be painting the builders grade bathroom cabinet black to contrast with the white vanity top. 

Since the faucet has a nice polished steel finish, I'll be repeating that gleam with wire baskets and new knobs on the cabinet. I already have a ton of blue mason jars, which I'll be using for organization and decor. I'd like to find a pretty black and white rug to throw down on the floor, as well as some mermaid art and wall hooks that pull all the colors (black, white, brown, light blue) together.

What do you think?

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