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The Lovely Side reader Savannah wrote in, "I think the outfit here is incredible and wonder what your decoration inspiration is from this. I think the baroque pattern and the sheer create a fun mix of vintage and modern, plus with the defined female curves."

I was psyched to see that the outfit Savannah was talking about is Nadia Aboulhosn's Sheer Gold: a black and metallic gold skirt featuring an ornate pattern and sheer overlay, a black tee, a black blazer, strappy black heels, and some wine-hued lipstick. 

Nadia's a fashion blogger and model based out of NYC. I follow her on Instagram and I love her quirky posts, sassy attitude, and amazing sense of style. So of course I wanted to translate this outfit into a room. With its baroque design, rich color scheme, and modern elements, I thought it'd serve as perfect inspiration for a luxurious, city-inspired bedroom.

I started with the baroque pattern on her skirt. Where to put it?! It reminded me of a beige and black damask bedding set I have, so that's how I brought it in. Like the blazer's silhouette in Nadia's outfit, I chose a headboard that has structure and curves in all the right places. A curvy, metallic accent table serves as a nightstand – and nods to Nadia's hourglass shape. 

I couldn't resist pulling in that wine shade of lipstick in a big way, so I did so with the curtains.  Other accessories revolve around the black and gold/beige color scheme and a contrast between baroque vs. modern and structure vs. curves: a simple rug, a fancy magazine rack, a slightly industrial lamp, a glitzy pair of pillows. Also, the striped pillow picks up on Nadia's strappy heels just a bit. And since she's based in NYC, I pulled in New York City inspired artwork and a glittery little "Hello Gorgeous" print.

It's gothic. It's modern. It's bold. And best of all, it's feminine. 

Would you want to come home to this sheer gold space?

Got an outfit you'd like to see translated into a room?

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