Get the Look: Crisp Swedish Style with White, Hot Pink, & Mustard Yellow

I believe that once upon a time, I shared this lovely white apartment here on the blog... somewhere. Today, it popped up again in my Pinterest feed. Once again, I found myself smitten with the crisp white on white on white, the splash of hot pink, and the blots of golden yellow. It's undeniably comfortable, effortlessly chic, and so very Scandinavian. 

Click through to see the full apartment and learn how to borrow some of the style for your own place:

What's not to love about this gorgeous space in Sweden? First off: that rooftop balcony; that view! Then on the inside, everything is so clean and crisp, bright and cheerful, stylish and quirky. Retro floral lives happily alongside gray stripes. Hot pink contrasts with mustard yellow. Plants thrive and flowers bloom around every corner. 

But you don't have to live in Sweden (or even translate this all Swedish article on Trendenser featuring the apartment) to get that crisp, colorful style. 

Main Ideas
White on white on white on white. It's the key to an authentic Scandinavian-inspired interior. Next, add pops of a few colors. In this case: hot pink, mustard yellow, dark greenish blue. Sleek, modern and mid-century modern furnishings. Plants and flowers everywhere – as many as you can reasonably take care of. Naked windows – please, no curtains! Cheery, light, and airy vibes throughout.

Living Room
Hot pink sofas are hard to come by, but slipcovers are not. Order online or dare to DIY dye your own. Go thrifting for a mustard-hued chair – just keep an eye out for sleek, mid-century modern lines. Cover the floor with a plush white shag rug. Opt for a long, dainty coffee table with a metal frame and white top. Illuminate the white-walled room with a sculptural ceiling or floor lamp that's reminiscent of a flower or dandelion. Mix and match patterned throw pillows. And hanging floating white shelves over the sofa for your books and other items.

Dining Room
Easy does it with a plain white parsons table and basic dining chairs – all of which can be found cheap at places like Ikea. Go antiquing for silver candleholders (or spraypaint some of your own). Put out fresh flowers and be sure to water your greenery. For lighting, choose a contemporary white pendant. Hang artsy illustrations on the walls. 

Cover one entire wall with a colorful, vintage-inspired floral wallpaper. Forgo a headboard – the wallpaper acts as a dramatic one. Keep the bedding dressed in simple, comfy whites with a gray striped blanket at the end and some more eclectically patterned pillows up top. If you can't find a hanging nightstand to attach to the wall, emulate the look with a simple, sleek bedside table. Choose a bedside lamp that puts off a nice, ambient glow. Keep a white, cottage-chic dining chair nearby to catch your bag, coat, or robe. 

What's your favorite part of this apartment?
Which ideas will you borrow for your own?

I love the books on floating shelves above the sofa.
(Though I'd be afraid they'd fall on my head!)

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