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As a college student and young professional, I've lived in a variety of dorms and apartments... some with central air, some with window air conditioning, and some without a/c altogether.

"What?! No a/c in the twenty-first century?!"

My first a/c-free place was my apartment where my attic was in the bedroom of a late Victorian house. Technically, it had a/c. A small window unit in one of the window nooks. Did it cool my attic dwelling that collected all the heat that rose through the house during those hot summers? Nope. Did it significantly increase my electricity bill? You betcha.

So I rarely turned it on. And aside from a few sweltering hot days, it wasn't so bad. When I moved into my own place in a new town, air conditioning didn't even end up on the must-have list. Century old charm, a nice neighborhood, proximity to work, hardwood floors... all of those things were on my list. But a/c? Nahh. I'd discovered I could do without. One day I came home to my landlord installing a window unit and had to ask him to take it back out. I didn't need it, I insisted. He thought I was crazy, but I appreciated my electric bill every month.

When I moved again into my current place, I also decided to forgo a/c. It's a shady lot. I have lots of fans. And I'm not even home during the hottest part of the day. Plus, the history nerd in me likes to feel connected to the past residents of the house in its Victorian glory days. (At least I don't have to sweat it out in a corset, stockings, and layered clothing.)

However, I will admit that when there's a heat wave the place can get a teeny bit miserable. On those one-hundred-degree days, fans only move the hot air around. And on those days, I cave and kinda sorta wish for an air conditioner.

Then, I heard about COOLMORE. And I'd really much rather have one of these.

COOLMORE is a lightweight, USB-powered, all-in-one air cooler and (get this) beverage cooler. Since it's energy-efficient, it consumes less energy and less money... while also producing less carbon. Being green has never been so cool. ;) The sleek, rectangular boxes come in jet black or pearl white. (Pretty easy to slip into any decor or color scheme.) Personally, I prefer the black because I believe every room needs a little bit of it. 

Oh, and it's totally portable. What I really love about COOLMORE is that it cools the air around you... not the entire house or apartment. Why cool five rooms when you really only need to cool the couch, the desk, or your bed? You can pick COOLMORE up, put it down where you need it, and plug it in for instant chill. I'd use it on my coffee table on those long, hot Saturday afternoons that the boyfriend and I spend binge-watching our favorite shows. I'd use it next to my bed on hot summer nights when a fan just isn't enough. And I'd use it on my desk on humid evenings when I need to write without sticking to my chair.

The coolest part? COOLMORE is a kickstarter. You can learn all about COOLMORE and back the project here.

(images via: COOLMORE kickstarter page.)

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Sasha said...

At first I thought, okay, it's just a desk fan, but then I saw it actually delivers cool air! Now that's a smart idea. And I see their Kickstarter was a success so I'm not the only one who thinks so ;)