Alyssa's Girly, Globetrotting Apartment Bedroom

One of my favorite things to do is look back on my past dorms and apartments and looking at how my personal tastes and decorating style have evolved over the years. What's even cooler? Getting to see how a blog reader's style has evolved. Back in 2010, I featured Alyssa's lovely dorm full of do-it-yourself decor. Recently, she emailed me with photos of her big girl apartment. I'm thrilled to share it here on the blog today! 

One of the things I loved most about Alyssa's undergrad living space was the use of sewing hoops with pretty fabric in them. I love that the same simple but pretty project shows up in her apartment bedroom – this time showcasing maps over her headboard and in a few other nooks and crannies.

See! I spy a few more sewing hoops hanging out next to mason jars in that old crate. 

Her "grown up" style is so lovely – fearlessly and tastefully pairing crisp whites with rustic wood, modern pieces next to vintage accents, and soothing neutrals with fun, girly hues. 

Speaking of girly hues, I'm so smitten with the color of her coral bedding. It's a bold but feminine punch of color. In this darling bed tray arrangement, candles mingle with a good book and flowers hang out in a bottle. (No need to toss out those pretty wine bottles, ladies!)

I have a soft spot for window sills with a deep enough ledge that allow for arranging little vignettes across them. Here, books rest within easy reach – next to a globe bookend and book-turned-clock. 

The worldly motif continues next to her bed where a small globe sits next to a pile of books topped with an old lantern. The teal-painted nightstand adds another punch of color – and complements that coral bedding.

On the other side of her room, we have a vintage globe, more books, and prints/photos in sleek black frames on a shiny white dresser-top. 

I love how she incorporated maps and globes around the room. 

In another corner, she's curated a small gallery wall opposite her guitar. 

Love the pops of teal!

Here's a closer look at those sewing hoops above the headboard. :)

One last look at Alyssa's lovely bedroom. Seriously... in love with that coral bedding!

Thank you so much Alyssa – for letting me share your undergrad dorm five years ago and updating me with photos of your incredibly lovely space today. (But seriously, how has it been that long?!) :)

If you'd like to share photos of your dorm or apartment, send them to jessica@thelovelyside.com.

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Jenna @ LaFemmeLaFanciful.com said...

Eeeep! I just love Alyssa's style! I think my favorite parts are the sewing hoops and repurposed wine bottle.

Oh, and I am also such a sucker for wide windowsills! I've been lucky to always live in old homes, which offer plenty of wide sills! :)