Vintage Meets Modern: Tivoli Audio Model One BT Bluetooth Radio Review

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From the sleek, compact design to the circular knobs and speakers, I've always had a soft spot for vintage radios – especially the mid-century modern ones. Despite being easy to find hiding in antique stores and thrift shops, they're not always in working order – and obviously, not caught up with today's tech. So when Tivoli Audio gave me the opportunity to pick out and review one of their new Model One BT Bluetooth radios, I swooned over the collection of radios that combined a timeless vintage look with modern convenience. And seriously... how lovely does it look on my tv stand?!

The Model One BT radios comes in a variety of colors and finishes to suit any decor – from modern minimalists to eclectic bohemians like me. As I swiped through the options, one in particular caught my eye: the walnut/beige combo. The handsome wood veneer cabinet is so sleek – and the walnut wood tone versatile enough to complement any of my furniture in any room. What I really love about it though is the beige front. It gives off a warm, classic vintage feel that blends right in with my decor.

When this lovely radio arrived, I walked around the apartment and actually had a difficult time figuring out which room to put it in – because it looked lovely everywhere! It worked especially well in the office and living room, where I spend most of my time. So I ultimately decided on my living room because my tv stand was practically begging for it. But who knows?! I tend to move things around and rearrange a lot, so this Bluetooth beauty could end up in the office, bedroom, or even kitchen – and blend in seamlessly. 

(I also really liked the black/black-silver combo – especially for a guy. Boyfriends, brothers, and dads can be so hard to shop for during the holidays. And I think that this radio would make a handsome, high tech gift of style and sound.)

By the way, this radio also comes without the built-in Bluetooth technology as the AM/FM Model One, which comes in finish/color combinations like cherry/cobalt blue, maple/hunter green, and frost white/ember red. So fun! (I could totally see the red one in my mom's kitchen!) 

Once I decided where to put my Model One BT radio, I plugged it in and tried it out right away. The radio not only uses Bluetooth Wireless Technology, but also includes the classic AM/FM tuner to listen to your favorite radio stations. I love the AM/FM tuner. I realized that it'd been years since I actually was able to listen to the radio in my apartment. I've missed it! 

(And it really came in handy last night when we had a bout of weird November weather. When my internet went out, I turned the knob to a local radio station and tuned into the latest tornado watches and warnings.)

The radio reception is clear and stations are easy to find. I love the feel of the AM/FM dial. You know how some things just feel nice and luxurious to use? This is one of those things. 

I love a quick, uncomplicated setup and using the Bluetooth aspect of this radio was just as easy. Simply turn the dial to auxiliary mode, turn your phone's Bluetooth one, and within seconds the Tivoli radio will show up. Connect and press play – the radio will start playing your favorite streaming music or playlists. wireless through Model One Bluetooth Wireless Technology. 

If a call comes in while you're jamming out, the radio will momentarily stop playing, then pick right back up where you left off after the phone call. 

Let's not forget to talk about the sound. It's clear, crisp, and fills the room – so impressive coming from this compact little beauty. If I want, I can fill the whole apartment with my tunes. 

With the holidays right around the corner, this radio is the ultimate gift of sleek, vintage-inspired style and high-tech sound for the design or music enthusiast in your life – and a perfect way to treat yourself, too. The Tivoli Model One is available for purchase online at TivoliAudio.com, where you can also find a full list of dealers in your area.

So go over and check out the Model One BT radio online. Let me know which wood finish/color combination is your favorite and which room you'd put your radio in.

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