JORD Wood Watches + 10 Ways to Style Wooden Timepieces

I love wood jewelry and watches for two reasons. 1) Wood is such a gorgeous and unique alternative to metals. And 2) I'm allergic to a lot of metals, so the less I can expose myself to whatever makes me red, itchy, and scratchy, the better! In the last few years, I've accumulated a little collection of wooden necklaces, bracelets, and rings, but I was missing one key piece: a watch!

JORD is a company that hand-makes luxury, wood watches. When they offered to send me one of their timepieces to review on the blog, I picked out the Sully model in red sandalwood. I love my watches to be either tiny and dainty or big and bulky. The Sully model is a big, eye-catching watch and the red sandalwood color is a rich, auburn-toned hue. (If big watches aren't your thing, JORD offers smaller watches, too.)

My JORD watch is comfortable and beautiful. It's easy to take on and off by pinching its clasp, yet it's very secure and doesn't accidentally get unclasped during my day-to-day life. The clasp is metal, so I was a teensy bit worried that the metal part would cause that sensitive area of my wrist to break out... but it's never happened! I can wear my wooden watch everyday of the week without worry of itching or rashes.

What I love most about my JORD watch is how it puts the final, perfect touch on so many of my outfits. Because of my metal allergy, I don't wear a lot of jewelry these days. But with my Claddagh on one hand and my wood watch on the other wrist, I always feel amply accessorized.

JORD's website says, "Hand-crafted wood timepieces that tell a story. Start the conversation." It's true. This watch is a real conversation-sparker. Every time I wear it, I receive loads of compliments and questions about where I got it. :)

This is my favorite outfit to wear with my JORD watch. There's just something about a reddish brown / mustard gold / navy blue color combination that makes me happy, so I love wearing my red sandalwood Sully watch with a navy blouse, gold cardigan, skinny jeans, gauzy scarf, ankle booties, glasses, and Claddagh ring.

But there are soooo many other JORD watches that I couldn't resist putting together outfits for, too. From dark sandalwood to light maple, JORD has a large selection of different wood tones and combinations. Accents are available in silver, gold, and (swoon!) rose gold. So you can pick a watch that perfectly suits your precious metal preference, fashion sense, or personality.

Chocolate, Onyx, & Forest Green

I'd love to pair the dark sandalwood and black watch with black skinnies, a cozy oversized sweater, dark brown lace-up boots, and some forest green accents. It's very woodsy and reminds me of a huntress, so I'd add a silver arrow ring, too.

Raspberry, Cream, & Caramel

The fuchsia face of the maple and lavender watch is just begging to be worn with other hues in the berry spectrum – like a wine-colored blouse. I'd play up the maple tones with buff ankle booties, a creamy knit scarf, and caramel clutch. Simple but sparkly stud earrings would complete the look.

Camel, Cream, & Rose Gold

Besides the watch I own, this koa and rose gold timepiece is my favorite. It's so warm and ladylike. I'd wear it with a pale peach structured dress, cozy cinnamon-colored cardigan, flowy scarf, camel oxford booties, pink purse, and a rose gold pearl ring. Soooo pretty and perfect for date night.

Merlot, Silver, Black, & Cream

The contrast of the purpleheart wood and mother of pearl face is so sleek and modern in this watch. I'd pull the main colors straight from the watch – wine-hued skinny jeans, a comfy light gray sweater, and matching earrings. Then I'd mix in some patterns like a striped scarf and some snakeskin detailing on the booties. I love this outfit for fall/winter.

Chambray, Denim, & Brown

This is actually pretty similar to another outfit I wear often with my watch. I really like layering a light chambray shirt over darker skinny jeans. In this ensemble, the green sandalwood and maple stands out among all the denim. I pulled the warm wood tones down to the suede booties, added a bit of gleaming gold in the earrings, and accessorized with a scarf and tote that picked up the blues and the browns. Great outfit for a weekend daytrip!

Turquoise, Coral, & Sepia

The zebrawood and turquoise combination is another one of my JORD favorites. I adore pairing turquoise with coral, too, so here I went for a laid-back, slightly bohemian feel with a flowy coral blouse, fitted flare jeans, leather boots, and turquoise and gold jewelry. I really want this whole outfit.

Black & Gold

Is anything as classic and classy as black and gold? JORD's ebony and gold watch is so sleek and modern, so I wanted to contrast that with a vintage feel. I thought of this look as a sort of city-slicking, contemporary flapper outfit. The dress is simple and versatile, as are the black tights. The large-faced watch and gold-accented boots give a modern, cosmopolitan feel, while the chandelier earrings and beaded clutch lend their vintage flair. 

Shiraz, Caramel, & Dark Gold

Isn't that wine-hued wood beautiful?! The purpleheart and plum watch also feels sleek and modern to me, so I wanted to balance that out with some eclectic, hippie vibes. I'd wear it with a bohemian patterned tunic, dark gold skinny jeans or leggings, and some fabulous shiraz-colored booties – plus a suede, camel-hued clutch and burgundy earrings.

Black, Ivory, Beige, & Red

Lastly, I created this outfit using the maple and silver watch. I love the everyday simplicity of it and how perfect it'd go with so many casual outfits. Plus, the ivory face lends a retro feel that reminds me of the creamy color in classic cards and old radios. I'd wear this watch with a comfy pair of boyfriend jeans, rolled up at the bottom to show off beige suede ankle booties. Up top, I'd don a classic black and ivory striped shirt with scarf that both matches the colors and contrasts with a different pattern, like plaid. I'd finish up with a cute necklace, then add a splash of bold color with a red clutch.

These are just a handful of JORD's wood watches – and only a few of the many, many ways I'd style a wood watch into my wardrobe. 

Go ahead – check out the selection of women's wood watches and leave a comment letting me know which one is your favorite. (There's also a great selection of handsome men's wooden watches for the guy in your life.)

Besides making gorgeous watches with top quality woods and parts, JORD offers free shipping worldwide

And with Christmas right around the corner, JORD watches make wonderful gifts. 

(All orders received on or before December 20, 2015 are guaranteed to be delivered before December 25, 2015 for customers within the continental United States. Customers in Hawaii, Alaska, or other Non-Continental US Territories must order on or before December 13, 2015 to receive the same guarantee.)

So there's still time, lovelies, to order a beautiful JORD watch for your loved one – or yourself!

Learn more about JORD:

I received my complimentary wood watch courtesy of JORD. Thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. I only review products that I genuinely think you'll love as much as I do! 

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Rebecca said...

These just popped up in my Instagram and I'm in love! So gorgeous :-)

Jessica • The Lovely Side said...

It must be a sign that you NEED one. ;)

Unknown said...

Oh wow, this is so nifty! I have never ever come across wood watches before, but I could totally see this becoming the next big thing.
I remember when chunky, white watches were the big thing. That's the last watch I purchased! Although whenever I wear it I still look at my phone to check the time. Ha ha old habits die hard!

A Northern Light

Alyssa H. said...

Love the Zebrawood and champagne!

Jessica • The Lovely Side said...

I think they will be! It's funny how something that was once a very functional object is now worn more as jewelry than for actually checking the time. After about three years of practice, I have finally gotten into the habit of checking my wrist for the time... haha.

Jessica • The Lovely Side said...

Good choice! That zebrawood is just gorgeous.