Treat Yourself this Valentine's Day with Scent Trunk

Romantically involved or not, Valentine's Day is a perfect excuse to spoil yourself a little bit. One of my favorite things to treat myself to is a nice fragrance. It's one of those things that I like to pick out for myself because I have a picky nose and a family member, friend, or significant other might not know which scents I love (almond, vanilla, peony) and which I loathe (powder, rose, patchouli). 

The downside to standing in the beauty department trying out perfumes? For one, it's overwhelming. I try on fragrances, get them mixed up, and can't remember which was which. And two, it does take out the element of surprise. Would it be fun if you could treat yourself and still be surprised?

That's where Scent Trunk comes in. Scent Trunk delivers quality, hand-crafted fragrances every month – based not on a wild guess or the "trendy" scents of the season, but on your personal scent preferences. 

I love this part. Some fragrance services have you pick out pictures that represent what you like or state specific scents, but it can be difficult to know what it is exactly that you love about a perfume. You just love it. So you tell Scent Trunk the fragrances you love. (Those are mine entered above!) Scent Trunk delves into the science of what you love, picking out the common threads that run between your favorites.

Lastly, you pick your subscription. Prices vary, shipping is free, and you can cancel at any time.

Scent Trunk was lovely enough to let me do a trial run. These are the three fragrances I received:

I loved trying out the different scents. Each little card tells you a bit about the fragrance – like whether it's best for day or night. While I enjoyed all three scents, the Honey Blossom is my favorite!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!

(Spoil yourself a little this year!) ;)

P.S. Scent Trunk has a limited quantity of FREE 4ml atomizers available. Just pay $4.95 to experience niche fragrances and learn the difference.

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