Decorating my Living Room with Kirkland's Flea Market Collection

The Lovely Side is excited to partner with Kirkland's for this post!

On Friday, I revealed some of the decorating I've been doing in the new house... specifically the vintage charm I added to the foyer using items from Kirkland's Flea Market Collection. Check it out here.

Flea market style doesn't always describe a vintage, antique, rustic, or distressed look. It can also mean bright, colorful, and bohemian... which is exactly what I'm going for in my living room.

While scavenging Kirkland's online Flea Market Collection, I found items that exuded the exact lively, free-spirited look I was going for – and based my living room decor around them.

Living Room Inspiration

Color Scheme: Orange, Turquoise, White, Cream, Beige
Style Goals: Flea Market Finds + Bohemian Spirit

1. Valerie Pillows: I'm a sucker for brightly patterned throw pillows. I fell in love with Kirkland's aqua Valerie pillows and spice Valerie accent pillows at first sight. The pattern features some of my favorite decorating colors – turquoise, orange, and cream. Plus, I knew the pillows would look fabulous on my retro orange couch.

2. Turquoise Hadley floor Floor Lamp: Our living room currently lacks overhead lighting because the antique four-pendant chandelier needs to be rewired. Until that's crossed off of G's to-do list, we're relying heavily on accent lighting. I largely prefer accent lighting anyway, but I also don't want to take up valuable surface top real estate with table lamps. Kirkland's turquoise Hadley floor lamp is an ideal solution. I love the slightly distressed teal base, pretty ivory shade, and the fact that it's really sturdy. (My cats won't be knocking this floor lamp over!)

3. Orange Turntable: As soon as I find the box it's packed away in, I'll be bringing my record player into this room. I can't wait to sit back, relax, and listen to vinyl in a fully decorating living room!

4. White Bookcase: I was a little hesitant to use my white furniture in the house, since the rooms here all boast beautiful, un-painted wood trim. But I think the balance of white and rich, dark wood will work well with my eclectic, slightly bohemian aesthetic.

5. Orange Coffee Table Cart: I have this exact coffee table, but mine's orange instead of turquoise. So try to imagine that. ;)

6. Birch Side Table: To shake up the white furniture + natural wood combo, I'll bring in my little birch accent table for a rustic touch.

7. Baskets: Storage baskets will also add some much-needed storage space and a down-to-earth feel thanks to their natural fibers.

8. The Big, Beige, La-Z-Boy: This was G's chair and it's sooooo comfy. Plus, the beige helps balance out the bright orange of my couch.

9. Turquoise Fretwork Rug: I'll be throwing down my turquoise fretwork rug to really play up the colors in the Valerie pillows.

10. White Bookcase as TV Stand: I really struggled with where to put this white bookcase in the new house. In my apartment, it was a great bookcase for my office. Here, we've decided it works best as a tv stand. Honestly, love it... and now the white bookcase isn't the only crisp white piece of furniture in the room.

Love my decor from Kirkland's Flea Market Collection? Shop the items and more from the collection here: (Just click on the styleboard.)

Here's what my living looks like so far:

Aren't those pillows, lovely? It's still pretty empty otherwise, which is a clear sign that I still have a lot to do! I have a lot of boxes to unpack, but I can't wait to continue decorating this eclectic, bohemian space.

Here's another pic with a bit more going on – and a glimpse of our stunning stained glass window!

Oh! And as a bonus, I added some flea market style into my kitchen, too. I've loved blue mason majors since before they were cool. And, I've been looking for a spoon rest that I actually like for months. So I couldn't resist this adorable mason jar-inspired spoon rest from Kirkland's!

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Unknown said...

What a smart idea- the Flea Market Collection. I love it! Everything is coming together nicely. I am going to have to pop on in to Kirkland's now and check it out. :-)

Dano's Music Studio said...

It's looking great!