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Beautiful Laptop Skins

While you can't go wrong with classic and classy black... my lovely new HP laptop keeps dinging me for a makeover.  I stumbled across Society 6 and immediately knew I'd come to the right place.  The only drawback is that there are sooo many options!  We're talking thousands!  I rounded up a few of my faves, but I only skimmed through 50 of the 1,391 pages of options.  Did you really think I was exaggerating when I said thousands?  Anyway, isn't that laptop skin lovely?
The hopeless romantic in me likes to think that if I were to sit with my laptop (covered in that skin) in the library, some random passerby who was struggling with a major life decision would be inspired to... well, "choose happiness."  (I know, I know... I'm corny.)

...Or I could hide between this falling row of books.  I love the colors and patterns.  And they're worn just the right amount.  Charming, right?

I might consider this one because it combines two of my favorite things: bokeh and old street lamps.

I'm not sure what exactly it is about this one that I love.  Something about it (the lace? the bow? the hands?) is just graceful, inspiring, and haunting.  It could Jane Eyre for all we know.  Or it could be a modern fashonista.

Or maybe I'll go with this scenic stunner with the giraffe.

Society 6's plethora of laptop skins are all a flat $30 each.  Plus, most of the images used in on the laptop skins can also be purchased as art prints, framed art prints, or stretched canvases.  (Perfect for dorm decor, no?)

This got me thinking... what if everyone decorated their laptop with a skin?  What would the cute boy in your lecture class put on his laptop?  What would your artsy friend stick on to her macbook? I think it's such a great way to express your interests and personality.  These could make for great gifts, too!  

What would you want on  your laptop?



Unknown said…
I love these, but... do the MacBook skins allow for a cutout around the Apple logo? If they do (they don't show it in the picture) I'll definitely need one! :)
Annie said…
Vanessa - I have a GelaSkin on my MacBook. It doesn't have a cutout for the Apple logo, but the light shows through the picture. Since you can use your own image for one, you could have fun with the apple. I've been really pleased with the GelaSkin quality - this is the second laptop I've protected with one.
Megan said…
I would want that book skin! It's lovely.
Ramion_43 said…
Yeah these skin covers are really awesome, I like it very much and interested to buy these Laptop Skin Cover for my new Laptop. These skin covers not only provide look but also protect device from external damages.

Laptop Skin Cover
Laptop Reviews said…
It's doing amazingly well. There's no peeling at the edges, it's still looks pretty new. There's some scuffing in a couple of places to the plastic cover, but not enough to penetrate to the photo. I've attached a photo of how it looks today. Sorry for the low res, but you can tell it's doing well. In fact, the skin has held up better than the laptop itself, which is now cracked in places and discoloured. The only nice bit of it left is the skin!
I rounded up a few of my faves, but I only skimmed through 50 of the 1,391 pages of options. Did you really think I was exaggerating when I said thousands? Anyway, isn't that laptop skin lovely? find the right laptop
Unknown said…
I rounded up a few of my faves, but I only skimmed through 50 of the 1,391 pages of options.


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