My Cinderella Story

^This happened to me today!  Well, almost...
Boy are you in for a treat!

So once upon a time... it was a dark and stormy day.  (Today, actually.)  Upon arriving home to my castle (errr, uh... apartment) I decided against running through the downpour in my brand new shoes.  So I took 'em off, shoved into my small purse, and opened the door of my pumpkin carriage.  Ok, you caught me... SUV. I took off barefoot through the cold rain.  After running up to the third story and warming up my cold, aching, numb feet on the warm, fuzzy carpet... I glanced at my purse and noticed that one shoe was missing.

"Please, oh please, let me have dropped it just outside my door!  Or in my kitchen!  ...Or even just inside the gate (or, ahem... apartment entrance)!" I thought to myself.

I pulled on my green rubber rainboots and trudged along, retracing my steps.  Through my apartment, out the door, and down the five or six flights of stairs, I had still not come across my missing shoe.  Out into the rain I went again.

There in the parking lot stood a guy, picking up my shoe from a puddle.  I trotted over (as gracefully as I could considering the five-pounds of rubber on each foot) and laughed in relief.

"You found my shoe!" I gushed.

"This is kinda like Cinderella," he chuckled as he handed it back to me.

And we all lived happily ever after!

Well, that's the gist of my Cinderella story anyway.  Although he was a handsome looking chap... he was no prince.  He didn't drop to his knees and put my shoe back on my foot for me.  (Although, I wouldn't have complained!)  And he didn't sweep off me feet and take me off to his castle either.  I just smiled, laughed awkwardly, and thanked him.  And I'll probably never meet him again...

But that's the closest I've gotten to any fairy tale.  Kinda embarrassing, but I have my lovely little shoe back and I'm quite happy about that.  :)

Now that you're enchanted by my sweet little anecdote, you're probably in the mood for some more fairy tale fun---aren't chya? 

I love this (above) illustration depicting Disney princesses as hipsters.  Cute, huh?

Now, being the mag-lover I am... I flipped out over these Disney Princess magazine mock-ups:



Liesl said...

Oh my goodness, what a lovely "Cinderella Story!" LOVED it, and the way you put the events in writing...just like reading a fairytale book! Just in a more modern day world! ;) Super cute...and who knows, perhaps you will see him again...one never knows! :)

Megan said...

How cute! And Belle is my favorite hipster princess. I've been known to look like that on a few days!

Lauren Alyse said...

Omword I'm in love with the hipster princesses...they're so cute! As was your story. ;)

Anonymous said...

VERY COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D