Victorian Houses = Love

I have a mild severe infatuation with old houses.  Stately brick mansions.  Old farmhouses.  And my most favorite: elaborate Victorians.  I'm obsessed to the point of often asking, "Do you think they'd mind if I knocked on the door and asked to look around?"  Okay, okay... so usually I only think that in my head.  And I'm not so bold as to ever do that.  But nothing's better than driving around and looking for beautiful old houses.  I love seeing the ones that have been lovingly maintained and/or restored.  And while it saddens me to see the abandoned, dilapidated, forgotten beauties... I can't help but get a little excited and romantic.  Because all I can see is the potential.  The potential of what the rundown place could be if I were given unlimited time, lotsa money, and a construction crew to order around. ;)

I've lost track of the sources of the photos in this post because I literally just have a folder of pretty houses on my computer.  So I don't know where these are located or anything.  :(  But since I do so much house scouting myself, I think very soonly I'll be taking some pictures and posting photos of actual homes from my neck of the woods.  'Til then, join me in a little house-lust.

This gorgeous houses would definitely cause me to swoon if I were driving down the road and saw them.

Wrap-around porch!  So lovely!

I can't even tell you how much I'd love love love to live in a house like one of these someday.  I think I'd lovingly turn part of it into a store to sell vintage decor, revamped furniture, and antiques.  Then another part would be a bed and breakfast known for the owner's (me!) gloriously famous omelets.  And then I'd have one room to call all my own to write, craft, blog, and the like. :)

Or maybe I'd just spend my days like ^this... wearing a beautiful gown, lounging around on velvet furniture, drinking champagne, and reading a romantic novel. ;)  Yea, that oughtta do.


Rachel @ lala Lists said...

OMG me too! I am super obsessed with victorians - especially ones with porches! And turret/round rooms make me the happiest ever! I actually have knocked on a door before and asked to look around.... granted it was for sale, but I did it!!


Shelby said...

I'm basically obsessed with giant Victorian houses. And this post. <3

Anna @ Annglophile said...

Those houses are fantastic! I especially like the third one from the top, the round roof of the turret reminds me a little of those colourful Russian churches! It also made me think of the house on Charmed: http://rmcat13.tripod.com/id22.html


Caitlin said...

I don't know about the rest of them, but the 3rd one is in Redlands, California. I drive by it almost every day! It's truly gorgeous. It's called the Morey Mansion, and the little turret-y thing is made out of canoes :) There's a little bit of trivia for you.

Anonymous said...

I adore Victorian houses! If there was one thing that time period got right, it was their architecture. I love the feel of them.

Little Lady said...

I used to live in a town with houses practically identical to those -- and one that looked like a replica of the gorgeous Von Trap mansion from Sound of Music! I adored driving through and just looking at the houses! Also....I love that dress, and Emily Blunt (who is wearing it) is AWESOME! Love your posts btw, and as I may be moving to an attic room the shape of yours...you should write a post on decorating rooms with slanted ceilings!



College Girl said...

When I was younger my cousin and I used to dream about owning a B&B in the Victorian district in savannah. I love the quirky colored ones.


xalaila said...

Hi, long-time lurker here. I *love those houses! I've never really thought much about house styles, but these are lovely! I want a turret or a little attic that's flooded with light and make it my writing/reading spot.