A Little Spray Paint Makeover Action

You know I love my spray paint. I spray paint whatever I can get my crafty little hands on. From fat little birdies to Grecian busts to leather boots (yes, really!)... nothing is safe or sacred. Like a good milkshake, spray paint can even bring boys to the yard. This time, I found myself in the yard with my favorite boy. I'd been itching for a nice day to spray paint a couple things, so on Saturday the bf and I went out into the backyard armed with Rustoleum red and Krylon sunshine. 

I used the Rustoleum red (my all-time favorite spray paint!) on the base of my bedside lamp. It's always been an antiqued sorta gold, but I heard it begging for a bold splash of color on multiple evenings. "The gold is getting old," the lamp communicated in Morse code flickers. Okay, not really. But I swear, the thing was begging for a makeover. And it turned out lovely:

The other item was a small white cart, which the bf spray painted Krylon's sunshiny yellow.  I was mainly inspired by Ikea's Raskog Kitchen Cart. And while my little cart has three baskets as opposed to three bucket-like tiers, I thought a brighter color would do it some good. I'm not totally sure if this little beauty belongs next to my desk or in my bathroom... but it'll be a cute caddy wherever I wheel it!

I have several more things to spray paint. (I never tire of it.) So stay tuned!

Have you spray painted anything lately? Post it to The Lovely Side Facebook page to show it off and it might just show up on this blog. ;)

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