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11 Luxuries Every Girl Simply Must Indulge In

[1] Chocolate. I'm not talking your typical Hersey's. I mean chocolate that is as decadent and delicious as its packaging is pretty. Wrapped up so lovely you can hardly bear to undo it. But so yummy you're glad you did.  So seriously. Hit up the nearest chocolaterie or the fancy chocolate aisle at your super market.  And don't your luxurious bar on the go. Set aside time to really savor it.

[2] Lacy lingerie. Just for you. Nothing is as indulgently feminine as lace.  You don't need a man as an excuse to indulge in the prettiest, laciest, frilliest set of bra and panties imaginable. Wear it on the days you need that extra boost of confidence, that extra layer of mystery, that extra oomph of flirtatiousness.  You'll be surprised just how lovely it feels even if you're the only one that knows it's there.  (I'm longing for this royal blue set!)

[3] Sunglasses that make you feel like a movie star. Like a big, black plastic pair that make you feel a little Audrey. A colorful pair that brings out your inner Barbie.  Or a carefree pair of aviators that make you feel oh-so-cool.  Whatever your fancy, have your perfect pair of shades always close at hand.

[4] Expensive perfume. Yes, that bottle of perfume that you smell every single time you go to the department store.  The one you spritz on your wrists and sniff on yourself all day long.  The one you stash sample swatches of into your purse.  Cave in.  Buy it.  And wear it on those special days like first dates and fun nights out.  Or on those especially ordinary days that just need a fragrant boost.  (I reeeeally want some Burberry Body.)  

[5] Gold hoops.  Carry them in your purse.  They go with almost anything and add just the right amount of glam and sparkle to any outfit.  You never know when you need a little extra gleam in a pinch.  

[6] Perfect pair.  Dark wash.  Slimming.  But lifting.  Elongating.  Perfect pair of jeans.  Invest in a pair that make you feel like you own the room every time you wear them.  A versatile pair that can be dressed down with your sandals and flats or dressed up to the nines with a pair of sexy heels.  We've all seen Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.  So you know jeans can change your life.

[7] Hunka hunka burning love.  Every girl needs a drop-dead-gorgeous celebrity to obsess over... and even maintain an imaginary relationship.  My current choice: Thor.  Those golden locks, those rock hard muscles, that low, manly voice... need I say more?  I didn't think so...  Mmm, mmm, mmm.  (Dear Thor, if you see this... call me, maybe?)

[8] Bubble baths.  It's too easy to forget how this wonderful this simple pleasure is.  A warm bath full of bubbles can undo any day's stress, especially when accompanied with a glass of wine or cup of warmed vanilla soy milk.  

[9] Red lips.  Find the perfect shade of red lipstick.  (Mine leans toward the orangish tones...)  Buy it.  Carry it with you.  Everywhere.  Why?  Because red lips are glamorous.  Red lips can stand alone.  If you don't have on hardly any makeup and suddenly find yourself in a situation that demands a little extra ooomph... whip out your red lipstick and slick it on.  Pucker up!

[10] Fancy candle.  It's simple really.  A candle that smells reeeeally good that comes in a reeeeally pretty tin or glass jar.  It'll look lovely in your room.  And it'll smell lovely when you burn it.  Plus, you can re-use the cute container when the candle is all burned away.

[11] Last, but certainly not least... luxurious bedding.  Because every girl deserves to go to bed each night and wake each morning feeling like a princess.



cleartrampoline said…
Great list! I'm so with you on Thor, love him! :)
SHF said…
I couldn't agree more about a great pair of sunglasses or the perfect pair of jeans! My Ray Bans and favourite pair of Sevens always make me feel so much better!
Caitlin said…
Can't forget a good bar of handmade soap!


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