May Delights

It's early in the month, but I already have a hunch on what I'm going to be delighting in.  It feels like it's going to be a very antique, English, cottagey month.  For one, I'm obsessed with ivory lace right now.  I have a lovely cream lace dress (sorta like this one!) that's just begging to be worn with a pearl necklace and pair of brown, vintage-inspired, t-strap pumps.  I guess you could say I'll be channeling my inner Downton Abbey, which I plan on watching over and over while drinking tea in lovely tea cups.  I'll also be daydreaming about how to decorate the attic bedroom apartment I'll be moving into this summer.  (I'm leaning toward an English cottage type of decor...)  And seeing mint nail polish on my finger nails as I type or...well, do anything...is just one of those simple pleasures that one must indulge in.



Unknown said...

This is completely perfect! I love everything about it. Just looking at this post has made my morning better! I'm looking forward to re-watching Downton Abbey this summer :)

Cath said...

I'm glad Downton Abbey has a good following in the US, too :) I love this style, just need to get my own English cottage now! (student flat just ins't the same :P)

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness there is so much pretty in the post! Love it! I haven't seen season 2 of Downton Abbey yet, I must do that asap!

2012 said...

May Delights
Many thanks, fairly refreshing, I enjoyed reading your article, You are wonderful!
Thank you!

Freya said...

Where is that dress from? I need a dress for my birthday party :) xx

Abby_Paris said...

Where is this dress from??! i love it!!