Exclusive Insider: What's in my purse?

Since I always love seeing this kind of posts on other blogs and in magazines, I decided to give it a shot myself.  I spilled out the contents of my purse onto my bedroom floor and grabbed my camera.  I didn't include the purse in the photo because, well... that changes on a daily basis.  But the contents pretty much remain the same since I just move them from bag to bag to bag.  It's quite astonishing when you realize what your "everyday essentials" are.  I remember when I used to carry around a huge hobo bag and stuffed it with even more stuff than this!  Anyway, without further ado...

Liberty of London for Target wallet.  It's pretty, it's floral, it's me.  And it's big enough to just carry around as a clutch if I don't need/want a purse.  Small journal and lovely pen.  I'm never without a notebook.  I need this for jotting down blog ideas, novel writing ideas, interesting facts, web sites, grocery lists, social things, etc.  Drink powders.  (I'm not sure how else to refer to them?)  I favor Lipton's tea flavored powders rather than the fruity Crystal Lite.  I'm also digging Starbucks' VIA instant iced coffee packets.  

Lip gloss/stick/balm.  Four lip products is minimal; I usually carry much more.  Lip balm is a must since I despise dry lips.  The Softlips vanilla is my fave, but the mango is in my purse right now.  SkinnyGirl lip balm in "bright red" is nice too since it gives a tinge of reddish color.  I love the Hard Candy lip slicker I recently picked up.  It's in lipstick form, goes on like a lip balm, and looks like a gloss.  And I never go anywhere without my favorite red lip gloss because ya never know when you'll need red lips!

I also usually have nail polish in my purse since I tend to paint-on-the-go.  No, I don't mean while driving.  But I often find myself painting my nails at a friend's out or just needing to do a touch up.  Perfume.  I adore roll-ons!  Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Noir and America's Next Top Model Dream Come True are my must-haves. They both smell so good I often can't pick between the two.  Lotion.  I like to have smell-good stuff like the one in the pretty, floral bottle (just a $1 at Target!).  Then I also need some real moisturizing stuff like this adorable tin of Nivea cream.  I obsess over having soft hands.

Aviators.  Cuz they make me feel edgy. ;)  Also, 3D-move glasses with the lenses punched out.  Cuz they make me feel nerdy. :P  Paint chips.  (I told ya! I hoard 'em!)  My Kindle in its lovely leather Nancy Drew case.  The one thing that's missing is my bag of almonds.  That's because I'm eating them right now. :)

So now I want to know what's in your purse!  Seriously.  Dump it out.  Take a pic.  And share below.  


Isabelle said...

I love this post! I can empathize with the pain of lugging around large bags, but everything inside seems to be a necessity! (Also, love the Kindle case).


Chrystina said...

Now did you clean out the junk from your purse before doing this, because I swear, there's more unneeded junk in my purse than anything else...