More Attic Inspiration

I can't stop daydreaming about how I'm going to decorate my attic bedroom when I move this summer.  Isn't this bed area with all the white frills, sheers, chandelier, and Christmas tree lights magical?  So lovely!

I love the cool gray tones in this room, especially with the warm red quilt.  Seeing that ladder reminds me how much I reeeeally want a ladder, too.  

Love love love the wallpaper in this room.  I also love the unique positioning of the bed and how the lamps are actually behind the headboard (perfect for reading!).  The symmetry is calming and elegant.  And I love the contrast between the natural wooden beam and the gorgeous chandelier.  

More wallpaper on a single wall.  What I like about this room is the use of low-profile furniture that work well with the slanted walls.  That bed also looks super comfy!

I'm finding myself really drawn to white and pale gray color schemes.  (Totally opposite of my color saturated current bedroom, right?!)  I'm attracted to the simplicity and light airiness, but wonder if I could really handle living without color for so long.  I have a feeling color would start to creep in.  A throw here.  A vase there.  A rug here.  A chair there.  Until it would be bursting with color and the white color scheme a mere distant memory.

I wonder if I can paint the space?  If I can, I'm really thinking about painting just one wall a lovely shade of seaside blue.  

My room doesn't have this amazing exposed wooden walls and beams.  But, oh, if only it did!  The beige polka dot bedding is so sweet.  That antique dresser is seriously gorgeous and I love that it's used as a nightstand.  And don't even get me started on that rug!



Anonymous said...

Good god that top white one is sooo beautiful! And then I picture myself in that space and spilling Coke... Sigh I don't think I could do white.

Chrystina said...

Sloped ceilings add such character to rooms! And that first one looks like heaven. Such a great collection of photos!