Allysa's Fashion-Forward Augustana Dorm

A while back, I received an email loaded with pictures of a real-life dorm!  The dorm belongs to Allysa, who attended Augustana College in South Dakota.  The residents of her dorm building were lucky enough to be allowed to paint the room as long as they painted it back to white at the end of the year.  (Although residents were technically only allowed to paint one "accent wall" Allysa took the plunge and painted it all!)  A lover of aquamarine, anything vintage, and Coach purses (she works at Coach!)... her room reflects all of that and more.

First of all, let's discuss this chair.  I'm a big fan of damask, especially of the cream+black variety.  A deskspace outfitted with this gorgeous chair would definitely up the chances of me wanting to study.  

Colorful binders and a filer keep schoolwork at bay.  Photos of friends make the desk a happy space.

I love this shade of blue.  Soooo pretty.

I really love Allysa's bed space.  The bedding is kept simple and white, but it's billowing makes it inviting and luxurious.  A sidetable painted in a frosty metallic adds sheen.  And I love the pops of pretty green against the sky blue backdrop.  

DIY jewelry storage always deserves a gold star.  (As does a photo of a smoldering Patrick Dempsey.)

Vintage Harper's Bazaar prints and framed photos artfully arranged next to the bed.

I love how Allysa turned this little area into a vanity.  A Liberty of London for Target tote keeps bath and body supplies organized.  (A girl after my own heart!  I was obsessed with that floral Liberty of London print when it was in Target!)  Makeup brushes are stashed in a cute coffee mug nearby. 

Thanks for sharing your dorm, Allysa! xoxo


Anonymous said...

This is so lovely!!! It almost makes me want to live in a dorm again! (almost)

Megan said...

Wow, my dorm/sorority house rooms never looked this good! Haha. I'm guessing she had a single room?

Chrystina said...

I've got to tell you - #1) I agree with Megan, my rooms never looked this good. #2) I'm utterly impressed by how clean it is. Even AFTER cleaning my room it has never looked that clean and tidy. Impressive, and definitely gorgeous. Also, that's awesome that they got to paint.

Joann said...

I adore her room! Do you know where her bedding is from?

Anonymous said...

I showed this to my mom because she went to Augustana and she said this room looked a lot like the one she had. :)