My New Brick Floor

Check it my new brick floor! 
Well, actually...'s my new brick FoFlor FotoReal accent rug.  I'm pretty much in love.  It looks like real brick.  But the best part?  This baby is not only lightweight and easy to move around, but also (get this!) 100% machine washable.  Pretty nifty, eh?  They also have rugs that look like hardwood, barnwood, rocks, etc.  I was going to wait and decorate my next apartment bedroom with this, but when it was delivered today I just couldn't wait!  And it looks pretty lovely in my current bedroom anyway. :)  Check out FoFlor rugs here and let me know if you end up buying one!

Note: This is not a sponsored, compensated, or review post. I bought the rug for myself on my own and just chose to rave about it on the blog. :)



Marian said…
Wow! It really does look like brick. So cool. Is it soft, or is it made out of a different material?
Shelby said…
Hey Jessica! I have a challenge for you: my summer job has me living in a college suite nearby. I'm only there for two months and I don't want to pack a lot of extra stuff, so what would you suggest I do to make my little room more homey while I'm there?
Chrystina said…
Even 100% machine washable. I'm impressed.
AmyInNH said…
Bought one. Boyfriend's mother loved it so much, it went home with her. 8| Blink, blink 8|