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Lunch: Tasty Black Bean Pita Burgers

Thought I'd share with you a little experimental lunch I whipped today that turned out pretty good.  I'd been hearing a lot about veggie burgers.  And honestly, I was dubious.  I'm definitely a carnivore, but I'm not a frequent meat-eater.  Plus, I'm attempting to bring healthier stuff into my diet, remember?  So being curious about these veggie burgers, I picked up a package on my last grocery run.  I chose MorningStar's Spicy Black Bean Burger.  The "spicy" description lured me in.  These patties are made outta black beans, roasted corn, brown rice, and chilli peppers.

I sauteed half a yellow onion and a few sliced white button mushrooms in a bit of olive oil.  (My measurements are sooo exactly, I know...)  I microwaved the patties to thaw them a bit, then finished cooking them with the onion/mushroom mix.  I piled the patties and all onto sandwich-sized pita bread.  And took my first doubtful bite.  Delish!  The patties didn't have the "kick" to them that I expected.  (I am a leather tongue after all.)  But I'm pleasantly surprised.  I foresee much more eating of veggie burgers in my future.  They're filling, too.  I made two but could only eat one and a half before becoming quite full.

For your convenience:
Yellow Onions + White Button Mushrooms 

Do any of you eat veggie burgers? What do you put on 'em?



Megan said…
Oh my goodness, I LOVE black beans. I always keep a few cans in the kitchen; you can make almost anything with black beans and it tastes good! I experimented a lot when I gave up meat this past Lent. These were two of my favorite black bean recipes if you're looking for more. :)
Marian said…
My mom makes a black bean, corn, and rice dish a lot, so I've learned to like black beans recently. This sounds like a good burger! I will definitely have to look for it at the store.
I made my own veggie burgers this week :)

have a look at them here

emlocke said…
I love veggie burgers so much, and MorningStar's are delish (just keep an eye on the sodium in your diet because they have a lot). My favorite brand is Amy's. Boca's flavored varieties are pretty good, too. If you like 'em spicy, I'm sure there are some homemade patty recipes out there! I love mushrooms and onions on my veggie burgers, and I've even put bacon on them. I've also gotten some funny looks when I order a bacon cheeseburger with a veggie patty substitution at restaurants!


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