Daydreaming: English Countryside

Lately, all I want is to roam the English countryside.  I want to hike through the moors.  I want to admire the architecture: sprawling manors and tiny cottages alike.  I want to re-read Jane Eyre.  And I want to write an epic romance of my own.  And I want to have a picnic in the grass upon a wool blanket.  How lovely would that be?



  1. I am a Georgia girl currently studying abroad in Scotland. Trust me! You don't want to give up amazing American weather to roam the English countryside...it's FREEZING over here! Love your blog. Can't wait to decorate my apartment in the Fall ;)

  2. Jane Eyre is one of my favorites - the first time I read it, I stayed up till 5 AM to finish it! I completely agree . . . can I just skip finals and travel to England?

  3. Not that I don't love England... I live here! And I'm glad you appreciate it :)
    But it's been raining twelve days straight :P xxx

  4. Throughout this entire post all I could think about was the Colin Firth walk across the field in Pride and Prejudice. :)

  5. I basically live in the Lake District (in a tiny little cottage), have done all the things you listed bar writing an epic romance, and yet all I want to do is travel America exploring the cities etc...

    Grass is always greener I guess, or the cities always bigger :)If you do ever get to English countryside, I recommend Septemberish or the weather will try to kill you (hiked a mountain in July and still got hailed on)