ManCandy: Zac Efron

It's been a while since I posted a for the pure pleasure of eye candy.  And since the Chris Evans post is still sizzling popular around the blog these days...(Thank you, Avengers.)... I've been pondering who is worthy enough to stack up our stacked up Captain America.  And well, in case you haven't heard... somewhere between Charlie St. Cloud and The Lucky One, Zac Efron has grown up to be quite a man.  And I mean man in every sense of the word.  (Wasn't only yesterday that my little sisters were crushing on him in High School Musical?)  *sigh* How the time flies.  So now it's my turn (and yours) to swoon!

I definitely approve of this kid man in a tie.  And the messy hair gets me every time.  

Smoldering eyes?  Yes, please.

Five o'clock (or rather three o'clock) shadow?  Give us some more, Mister Efron!
Just a warning to my readers who may be faint of heart:
The photos are going to get a little racier.  Grab your smelling salts if you must. ;)

The eyebrow raise.  Gets me every time.  Note to self: find a guy who gives me the eyebrow raise.  

Loooooking good.

Looking better.

My oh my.  Does this one even need a caption?  I think not...



  1. thank you for posting this. :) All of my dreams are coming true with that last photo! *swoon*

  2. goodness gracious. he's wonderful. And I'm not allowed to say my little sister had a crush on him in High School Musical - because it was definitely me who had the crush on him. That last picture is ::swoon:: .... have you seen The Lucky One yet? I don't even really understand how he became so much of a man... I can't decide how I feel about it yet...

  3. Ah, that's where I got the word swoon. Nice choice Elaine. I don't usually use it, I must have read it and subconsciously thought it was perfect...