Moving In | My Bare Necessities

I got the keys to my place this past weekend and moved in my bed, some clothes, and the bare living necessities. However, since I'm waiting to take advantage of family (my dad, mom, and sisters will be able to help next weekend) all of my furniture, kitchen stuff, decor, etc. etc. etc. is not yet here with me in the apartment.

Until I start my day shift at work, my schedule is a little wonky. I sleep in, get up, go to work, come home at night, and go to bed soon after getting home. I eat lunch and supper at work. So it's probably no surprise that my cupboards and fridge are pretty bare here. 

My cupboards are a little sad. Disclaimer: I do have soy milk and evol foods in the fridge. ;)
 So what's getting me by?

Tea. Lots of tea. Preferably Twinings. Irish Breakfast. English Breakfast. Lady Grey. All with a dab of vanilla soy milk. You can never have enough tea. And it's best when sipped while reading Elizabeth Kostova's The Swan Thieves and listening to the Downton Abbey soundtrack. I brought The Swan Thieves with me because it's a thick book I knew I wouldn't be able to finish before my other books arrived and were unpacked. And I wish Downton Abbey music played in the background of my everyday life, but for now I'll just play it myself when I feel its needed.

Evol frozen meals. This new all natural frozen food brand has found the way to my stomach. It's hands down the best frozen food I've ever had. The chipotle chicken mac'n'cheese bowl is oh-so-very good. You can heat 'em in a microwave, toaster oven, or traditional oven - and they come out amazing every time. Their burritos are next on my "to-eat" list.

Target's freeze-dried veggies have got me again. I raved about the freezed dried edamame before, but now I'm hooked on the freeze dried sweet corn. You can't blame me... I am an Iowa girl after all. ;)

So that's what's getting me through this week. Snacks. Tea. Downton music. And a good book.

The weekend, however, cannot come soon enough!

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