Live Update from the Attic

Most of my junk has been moved up to the attic!  You can see here that there's a big difference between being moved in and settled in.  The place is a disaster and I can't find anything.  But the tough part is over with.  Unpacking and organizing isn't all that bad.  And decorating will be next on the list!

Oh, so funny/spooky story.  At the very beginning of the all-nighter my guy friend and I pulled to get me moved in, we decided to do something a little... risky.  You see, in the back of my closet there's a small door.  Nailed shut door.  And it had been driving me crazy!  I had to know if anything was back.  I preferred to entertain the thought that there would be treasure trove of forgotten antiques: jars, bottles, a typewriter or two.  But worse case scenario, there could be something really creepy.  And I knew I just wouldn't be able to sleep unless I knew what was behind the door.  (Lest my imagination run away with me and cause me to here tapping noises coming from behind the door at night! Haha.)

You can kinda see the door in the back of the closet. 

Well, my guy friend opened it for me.  (That's what guy friends are for, right?!)

Surprise surprise!  Or I should say... relief!  It's just a bunch of building materials crammed into there.  Nothing awesome and antique.  But nothing scary or sketchy either.  So we boarded it back up and I'm happy now.  


Roxy said...

Haha :) Yeah, that's what guy friends are for. I would have imagined hearing sounds and noises, too ... so, it's good that you checked (and that there's nothing spooky in it).

I love this moment when all the stuff is at the new place, but nothing is organized or decorated yet. So many possibilities!! Time to get creative. Enjoy :)

Chelsea said...

Love the new look of the blog :)

Anonymous said...

So much potential! I can't wait to see what you end up with. :)

Camille said...

Ha! I would have felt the same way about that door. Too many scary movies I think, lol. Good to know nothing creepy lurks behind there. :)

Dulce said...

I agree with Valerie. That is one gorgeous attic.

Chrystina said...

That's exactly what guy friends are for. And cleaning out mice traps.