Copper Antler Wreath DIY

How'd this beauty end up on the door to my attic, you ask?  Well...

It all started out when I wanted some antlers.  And my boyfriend at the time surprised me with a whole bag of 'em.  (Guys are good for something once in a while, right?!)  Well, I've had these antlers laying around my room in various accumulations for about the last year.  Sometimes in a box.  Sometimes in a bowl.  Sometimes spread out across the window sill.  The other day when I was on my copper-induced spray paint rampage, I gave these babies a nice coat of shiny copper goodness.  

While the newly copper antlers shined in all their glory... I still hadn't quite decided on what exactly to do with the antlers.  I toyed around with the idea of somehow constructing them into a glamorous antler chandelier to hang from my ceiling.  ...But they basically ended up piled onto a tray on my vanity with a few candles interspersed.  (It created a pretty glow!)  And then... and THEN!  I had a most brilliant idea while at Walmart.  I know, I know... muses usually walk up and down the aisles of HobLobs.  But this time, inspiration struck at Wally World.

With it being autumn and all... why not create an antler wreath?!  Finding a branch wreath for just $3.50 got my wheels turning.  And some copper (they were out!) gold wire sealed the deal.  Once home, I plopped down on my brick rug and got to work attaching the antlers to the wreath with wire.  But first...

A little of ^this happened.  And then...

This.  Fallout Boy's Deer Boy.  And me.  Yes, I had to go there.

After I wore myself out with the funny business, I really did get to work twisting wire around antlers and wreath branches.  It was a little easier when I imagined it in my head... It's tough to make sure the antlers are secure and that the wire doesn't loosen.  Plus, my fingertips got pricked and prodded into pain.  

At around midnight (I craft late) I'd finished up the hardest part.  All that remained was a good coat of copper spray paint, which would have to wait 'til morning since Wally World failed to carry the spray paint I needed... and upon coming home, I found I'd emptied my previous can during the copper binge.

Let's just say that I'm absolutely in love with how this wreath turned out!  Rustic. Metallic. Branches. Antlers. Completely gorgeous and perfect for fall.  I'm definitely going to paint the wreath hanger copper, too, but I just couldn't wait to snap a pic of the wreath hanging on the door to my attic.

Antlers - free from a boyfriend of long ago (haha)
Wreath - $3.50, Walmart
Gold Wire - $2.97, Walmart
Copper Spray Paint - $5ish, Hobby Lobby
Wreath Hanger - $2ish, Hobby Lobby

Voila!  Happy autumn!


Unknown said...

Wow,it's beustiful!!!!
xoxo...by Vicky

Unknown said...

It's gorgeous!! i need to make a wreath of some sort for my door and as luck would have it, yesterday i discovered they're opening a hobby lobby right down the road from me. eeeee!!