Copper Magnetic Memo Board DIY

This fall, I'm all about copper.  The metallic hue is just so much warmer than gold, and more interesting than silver.  I went a little crazy with some copper spray paint recently.  And this is one of my resulting projects.

I began with these two decorative slabs of metal wall decor.  They were purchased at HobLobs for about $7 each and were already painted a reddish maroon color.  The metal slabs and the decorative design called to mind beautiful copper ceiling tiles that I've always longed for.  

So late at a night, I spread out the coupon mailer all over my attic floor and put the metal pieces down.  I had some copper-hued acrylic paint that I thought would do the trick.  After a few minutes of getting annoyed with how the painted spread or didn't spread... I gave up, got some paper towels, and wiped the still-wet paint off.  The next morning, I hit up HobLobs for copper spray paint.  (It is my favorite weapon after all!)

The next day I ventured out onto my little roof.  And happily sprayed away.

Beautiful!  (Much better than that mucky acrylic mess.)

I hung the tiles on a little bit of wall at the top of my stairs.

Since the tiles are magnetic, I thought it wise to utilize 'em as memo boards.
Prettiest magnetic memo boards ever, riiiiight?  ;)


Thyeme Figueiredo said...

Cute!! I love your experiences haha your blog is one of my 3 preferred *_*

Brittany @ Brittany's Joy Blog said...

Okay, how cute are those? Great finds; you never see great stuff like that where I'm from!

Unknown said...

How did you hang them, please?

Unknown said...

How did you hang them, please?