Sneak Peek: Copper Craze

Let's just say that I got my crafty little hands on some metallic spraypaint and now I feel like I have the Midas touch... only I turn things into a warm copper hue rather than the stereotypical gold. ;)  Metal tiles? Check. Antlers? Check. Candlesticks? Check.

I've rounded this newly-copper-fied objects on my vanity top for a quick pick, but I have ulterior motives in mind for each of them.  Stay tuned to see what these copper goodies morph into!

Artistically speaking, I'm going through a copper phase.


SimplyMcKenzie said...

Love it! I've recently become obsessed with this lovely color! I may need to invest in some of this paint as well!

Kelsie said...

"Stay tuned to see what these copper goodies morph into!" Girlfriend, you can't post that and then disappear. I'M ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT! ;)