Real Rental: Alison's Oh-So-Pretty Apartment

This gal's lovely apartment has appeared on the blog before, back in this post about Pretty Patterns, Pretty Pastels.  It seems I just can't get enough of Alison's uber-feminine rental... especially now that she's made a few tweaks that only up the pretty factor.  She's really mastered playing up white, throwing in pastels, and adding girly flair while keeping things crisp, colorful, and interesting.

I love good mixing-and-matching.  For instance, the pairing of the wicker chair with the clean-lines of that modern writing desk... genius!  I'm also digging the gallery of different sized prints and different shaped mirrors hung upon the wall all framed in white.  White curtains let the light in, making the room airy and bright.  The room sticks to a very neutral white + beige + pastels scheme with the occasional pop of juicy pink.  Don't you just love it?  But wait!  There's more!

 The view from Alison's kitchen shows that her apartment really isn't big.  It's about the same size as any apartment you all might rent.  (Though most of us are not so lucky as to score beautiful hardwood floors!)  She makes use of the space with the furniture she really needs.  Since clutter is kept at a minimum, the room really showcases the accessories she put a lot of thought and care into selecting. 

She transformed some basic bar stools by painting the legs white and dying slipcovers light blue.

The little details really do matter.  Like the whimsy of those starfish placed along the window!  And the pop of cheery yellow in her mail catcher.

Her bedroom is my absolute favorite part of the apartment.  First of all---that bed!  A vintagey white frame dressed in billowy white bedding is charming and peaceful. Dyed Ikea curtains bring in a splash of Robin's Egg Blue.  And the natural hues and woven textures of the laundry basket and rug balance out the femininity of the space.  On one side of the bed is a small white writing desk...

...And on the other side is a small nightstand accompanied by a seaglass-hued lamp.  A simple print in coordinating colors hangs over the bed.  The dresser top---completely free of clutter---adds to the room's overall tranquility. 

Sooo pretty!  Am I right?  All of these photos belong to Alison Fielder and you can catch even more of a peek into her pretty apartment by checking out her Flickr Alid3y photostream


Brittany @ Brittany's Joy Blog said...

So. Dang. Gorgeous. What a floorplan in that rental! Plus, she dresses it up nice. I'd love to do our apartment like that, but my husband doesn't like the place to look too girly. Pooh.

Design Eat Repeat said...

LOVEEE. Jess, I'll pay you to decorate my apartment like this after I graduate. Gah. Love.

Melissa said...

I love the fact that through her flickr stream, it looks like she may have traded her boyfriend for a puppydog :P :)

Nicole Louise said...

Oh I wish I had the eye to make my home look like this! She should consider becoming a decorator for poor apartment living college girls!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful place! Was it hard to paint that bed white? How did you do it? Thanks for sharing!