Lady in Red (Leather)

I'm totally digging the red leather jackets that keep popping up.  Red is one of my favorite colors---besides black, white, or gray---to wear.  I like it on my clothes, my glasses, my shoes, my nails, my lips.  (Blame it on my mom and grandma for decorating their homes with an abundance of red!)  It's my go-to hue.  It's my... "When in doubt, wear red."  And I'm often in doubt about what to wear.  So a red leather jacket is a total lifesaver.
 I nabbed mine on sale at Target and have been dying to wear it out tonight... but I just couldn't decide how.  Seeking inspiration from the lovely Pinterest finds above, I asked you all on the Lovely Undergrad Facebook page which style you preferred.  And you loved the first look!  So here's how I'm wearing it out tonight:

My comfiest pair of dark skinny jeans.  A plain white tee.  The red jacket.  Camel-colored flats.  A dark turquoise crossbody bag.  Gold hoops.  A big gold boyfriend watch.  And a gold necklace...although I have a little red skeleton key hanging on mine!


How would you wear a red leather jacket?  I'm all open to additional ideas!! :)


Camille said...

Like I said on FB, the 2nd look is my fav. A big scarf, some bracelets, flared jeans, and converse all stars, so my style! :)

Anonymous said...

Cute. The first outfit is my favorite too! I don't really wear too much red, but I don't know why. Maybe I need a red leather jacket too.

John said...

Red suits on you.

Red Leather said...

Great insights! I love how you broke down complex ideas into simple, actionable steps. Can't wait to implement these tips in my own life.