Attic Bedroom Floor Plan

Today I paid another visit to the apartment I'll be moving into later this summer.  This time I took my handy-dandy tape measure so that I could measure out the walls.  (You know me... I'll be wanting to plan out how I arrange furniture!)  The door to my attic bedroom is at the foot of the stairs.  Two windows in the stairwell let in lots of light.  There are two other large window nooks that overlook trees.  (Both are big enough to slip a bed into if I decide to make a cozy bed nook!) The big brown thing near the stairs is a huge 6-foot-long built-in desk that is definitely going to be perfect for crafting. ;)  I also got to chit chat with my future roomie and her sister.  They're both super nice.  My future roomie gave me free reign with decorating aspects of the apartment.  I can't wait!



emlocke said...

What software did you use to lay out your floorplan?

Olivia M. said...

I'm jealous! An attic bedroom sounds so lovely :)