Packing: Easier Blogged than Done

Welcome to my life right now.  I don't technically need to be out of my current apartment for a while.  And I don't have to be into my other for a while.  But on my days off, I've decided to feign motivation and get stuff done.  Like packing.  And moving little by little.

Unfortunately, I'm a failure even at feigning motivation.  You see, I'm really good at telling people how to pack.  (Check out my November post: "How-To Pack Up and Downsize for a College Move" if you don't believe me.)  But when it comes to getting the job done myself, I fail.  I could really use the College Hunks Hauling Junk.  By now you're probably thinking: Geeesh, girl! You're always moving!  And truthfully, I am.    For the last two years, I haven't stayed in one place very long.  But this move should stick for a while.  I really like the place, the location, the potential, the roomie.  I can't wait to move in!  Except... oh wait, while I should be packing and moving... I'm blogging.

Sooo... me packing basically goes like this:

Sit around and wonder where I could get free boxes.  Call a few places.  Hear the heartbreaking words that they don't have any right now.  Give up.

Drive a few things over to the new place.  Take pictures of the new place.  Blog about how I plan on decorating the new place.

Watch 2 episodes of House.  Watch 3 episodes of Sex and the City.  

Get up off the couch.  Pack a big plastic box.  Realize it is too heavy.  Remove stuff.

Realize how good an iced coffee sounds.  Make an iced coffee.

Take a picture of what a mess my room is (see above).  

Proceed to blog about messy room, iced coffee, and the woes of moving.

Seriously.  This is bad.  But I'm going to take this plastic box over sometime in the next hour.  Then I'm going to have Mexican with my girlfrrran.  Then I'm enlisting the help of my guy friend.  Maybe I just need some company to get stuff done?  

Woe is me.

That is all.  ...Back to packing.


Tiffany Leigh {thedesignerlifestyle} said...

This is such a funny post! I feel your pain girl, but you'll get it done! You must be an expert by now! xox
Tiffany Leigh

Unknown said...

You're hilarious!
On another note, can you do a little recipe post about how you make iced coffee? The only way I know how is to stick my coffee in the fridge for the while and wait for it to get cold...

Happy packing!


Shelby said...

I've been watching nothing but sex in the city for days. I'm not packing, just procrastinating homework though :)
It's Shelby by the way, or stsmiami from Twitter, the one with the blue bedding from Anthropologie. I love all of your posts and I remember feeling the same way when I was packing to move out of my dorm a couple of weeks ago. What helped me was one super-productive morning when I just blasted fun music for like three hours and forced myself to power through until noon. Good luck!


http://routinedysfunction.tumblr.com/ if you ever feel like checking it out :)

Chrystina said...

At least you have overlapping time so you're able to move stuff a little bit at a time. I've got to tell you - I moved 7 times in college. 5 years of college (thank you Drexel co-op), 7 moves. The first move I made out of college (last year) I hired movers. Best money I ever spent. Not saying it's for everybody, and it's definitely a monetary commitment, but there's always people around that do it for cheap - just have to find them early to make sure they don't book up!

Teresa said...

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Danny said...

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