Minty Fresh Walls

I am so obsessed with idea of mint green walls, that... guess what I did?  I wrote up an entire post about it and then when I scheduled it for a future publishing date, I realized I'd already schedule a post about the exact same thing.  (Sounds like I need some coffee?!)  So I combined all the minty loveliness into this one post.  Seriously.  Mint green walls.  Gorrrrgeous.  I don't know yet if I'll be able to paint my attic walls, but there's no harm in a little wishful thinking.

If I had mint walls, it'd definitely mean re-thinking my entire color scheme.  The red + gold + chartreuse I have going on would just not go with the mint.  So what would?  Well, fuchsia and yellow make a minty turquoise look absolutely glamorous.  Especially when you throw in some antique photos, a gilt mirror, and a gorgeous turquoise vase full of lush pink flowers.  

How heavenly mint looks when paired with white, ivory, and gold!  This assures me that the mint will look divine when paired with my vintage cream and gold furniture.  I'm already starting to swoon and I'm not yet half way through this post...

Ok! Bring me my smelling salts!  Mint and baby blue and cream and lime and neon yellow, ohhh my!  This room is absolutely stunning with its brilliant color scheme and dazzling chandelier.  

Along the same lines, but toned down a little is this adorable space.  It'd be more within my taste to switch out the neon yellow for a warm golden yellow.  The neon is fabulous, but gold is much easier to live with.  Throw in turquoise and grassy green, and this is a truly pretty combination.

I'm also toying with the idea of sticking to a mostly mint and neutral scheme, then throwing around splashes of decadent hot pink.  Like in this room: equal parts butterscotch to warm up the mint, white to freshen things up, black to ground the space, metallic surfaces to add sheen, and hot pink to girly it up.  So pretty.

But then I come right back to the mint paired with white, creams, and gold.  It's just so tranquil.  Definitely different from the color-saturated space I live in right now.  Maybe I need that kind of change...  Maybe I need that refresh-mint.  :P  (Puns are one of my many weaknesses. As well as Andes mints.)

But mint doesn't have to be calm and sleepy.  It's easily livened up with eclectic styling and vintage accessories like in this charming dining room corner.  I also just remembered that when I was a very little girl... (we're talking 3 or 4 years old...) my grandma's living room was painted mint green.  You see, I really have been obsessed with wall color since wee childhood.  So she's definitely going to approve when I tell her the color I'm leaning towards.  I also love how as I'm typing this, I get to adore my mint green nail polish. ;)  Oh yea, I go allll the way with mint.



Brittany @ Brittany's Joy Blog said...

I LOve mint, but my husband can't stand it. We looked at a house that had a mint dining room and I almost peed my pants, but he was NOT having it. Maybe if I showed him some well-accessorized spaces like these? Haha he'll probably end up saying it's now too girly. Oh well; you can't win 'em all.

Unknown said...

oooer, i didn't realize how lovely mint could be! personally, i have a very unhealthy obsession with the color turquoise, but i guess they're like the same thing.


College Girl said...

Love mint. I always thought it was best paired with bright colors but it looks so light and fresh with white bedding.