Sarah's Elegant Charcoal + Ivory Studio

You all know how much I love Apartment Therapy's Small Cool Contest.  (Someday I'm going to be one of the entries, I swear!)  So I was pretty psyched when one of Lovely Undergrad's readers sent me an email telling me that her 428 sq. foot studio was featured in the contest!  That's Sarah's bedroom area up above.  I'm pretty much in love with her bed and the gray color she painted her walls.  She divided her Arlington, Virginia studio into different zones by thinking through her furniture arrangement.

This is the living room zone.  A big mirror on the wall opens up the small space.  The transparency of the glass coffee table also gives the illusion of more floor space.  I love the art hung over the couch---the colors of the sea perfectly compliment that deep, moody shade of gray.  

She keeps clutter at a minimum by staying organized.  Pans and kitchen utensils have their place on and hung from shelves.  I love the pretty little vignette of picture frames, flowers, and a mercury glass lamp on the dresser top.

A large table serves double duty as a place for the tv on one end and a desk/office space on the other.  At the office end, baskets keep the bookcase tidy.  What a great window!  It lets in so much light.

Whoa. This is a seriously pretty closet.  I love the baskets that keep clutter at bay.  I love how all the jewelry is displayed.  And the lamps, picture, and coral sculpture on top is fabulous.

Thanks so much for sharing your space, Sarah!  To see more of Sarah's studio, cast your vote for her in the contest, or read her small space decorating tips... head on over to the original Apartment Therapy post right now!


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sunny said...

voting has ended....but I still saw sarah's place. I saw her entry before I knew she also was a reader of your blog! That closet is amazing and I love the organized desk area. Way to go, Sarah!