Axel von Fersen: Historical Heart-throbs, Part 1 | Favorite Fictional Man Candy

It is a scientifically proven fact that we females are prone to falling head-over-heels for on-screen and on-page studs.  We all have our film and novel champions.  So I'm going to dish about mine.  And who's at the top of my fictional to-do list?  Well, Count Axel von Fersen.  Yup, he is my Number 1.  My entire perception of who he is and what he looks like is entirely based on Jamie Dornan's portrayal of Fersen in the film Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola. (And I also crushed on him majorly in Sena Jeter Naslund's Abundance novel.)  

Swedish Count. Lieutenant General in the Royal Swedish Army. One of the Lords of a the Realm. Diplomat. Statesment. Alleged lover of Marie Antoinette.  How's that for a resume?  He looks pretty good on paper.

...And he also looks pretty good in person.  Above, you'll see that he is the master of smoldering eyes.

And seriously.  The name Axel conveys his 18th Century hotness, too.

Thou shalt not covet queens of centuries past who get to frolic in pastures with studly Swedish lieutenants.  *sigh*  He is simply irresistible.

Stay tuned for my the second Historical Heart-throb on my list. ;)


Unknown said...

ahh i love sofia coppola's take on marie antoinette! it's been lambasted for being "historically innacurate" but i don't care. ha ha!
and i've always thought that the guy who plays axel von fursen is such a babe. why do we never see him in more movies?? aghh!


Design Eat Repeat said...

That first image could be the creepiest thing I have ever seen. Only you, only you...

Niamh ☮ said...

I adore Jamie Dornan!!! He's so hot, I still can't believe my grandmother taught him when he was in primary school!
You should totally check him out in Once Upon a Time the tv series, he's amazing in it!

-Niamh x