Flare for the Dramatics: The Return of Bell Bottoms


Yea, yea... I know.  "It's summer! You should be posting about shorts."  Well, I'm one of those wierdos who loves my jeans year round.  And I'm really digging the return of my beloved bell bottoms.  You see, as a child in the 90s my mother dressed in me in the straight-legged and skinny jeans of the day.  When I reached those pre-teen years, flares made a pivotal comeback in the late 90s and also made a defining mark on my fashion ideals.  Years ago when skinnies started to make their way back into the circuit, I vowed that I would never ever wear skinny jeans.  "Ew," I said, scrunching up my nose as I remembered the purple and red skinny jeans I'd donned between kindergarten and the fourth grade.

Needless to say, I eventually got over my fear of the dreaded skinny jean.  And I've been squeezing into them for the last few years.  But I'm delighted to see my favorite flares showing up all over.  And not just bootcut.  We're talking bell bottoms reminiscent of the late 60s and early 70s.  The jeans my grandma knew and wore and loved.  I picked up a fabulous pair of Levi's flares on clearance last time I hit up TJMaxx.  (They kinda resemble the 3rd pair above.)  And I'm dying to style these babies with a bit of 70s influence.  I'm not an all out hippie, but I'm looking to flirt with that groovy decade a bit.  

The first outfit is a pair of dark flares and gauzy white tank.  Since the tank has lace and sheer details, I love roughing it up with some heavy leather on the wedges and a leather cuff to boot.  Big retro sunglasses are a must.  And a turquoise cross-body bag would add a burst of pretty color to such a neutral outfit. 

The second creation is a pair of lightwash bell bottoms with a floral tank.  The colors and pattern on the tank just scream 70s to me.  Girly platform sandals, a gaudy ring, matching crossbody bag, and vintage-inspired shades make the outfit free-spirited and feminine.  

The third ensemble is a pair of darkwash, form-fitting, wide-at-the-bottom flares topped off with a flouncy black tank.  With a layered gold necklace, mustard crossbody bag, turquoise platform sandals, and big black sunglasses, this combination is just begging to be taken out on the town.  

And lastly, the fourth getup is a pair of trusty, perfectly fitted, medium tone flare jeans with a slouchy, stripped tank.  Leather strapped wedges, funky earrings, avaitors, and a schoolish crossbody bag... this outfit has tomboyish charm in all the right places.  

I'm definitely planning on putting together Outfit #1 asap since I own lookalikes to all those pieces. ;)

Which groovy bell bottom ensemble are you most likely to sport?

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